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Something to Think About: Louie & Bob

At our farm we have quite an assortment of wildlife; our favorites are the birds. We enjoy feeding them and keep the road to the Co-op hot, picking up 35 pound bags of seed. Our large flock of wild turkeys eats most of that. As proof positive that we are over the hill, we can […]

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Stupid People

Pat Robertson is at it again. A woman on the news last night said he was “stupid” for saying it is OK for a man to divorce his wife if she has Alzheimer’s. I am not sure he is stupid, but he certainly is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Sometimes I think that he says stupid […]

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 At the mall, I overheard a kid call another boy, “stupid”. The target of the name calling, calmly replied that the other one was a “s#*t”.  As I thought about that exchange, I realized that I am at least one of those. According to my dictionary, “stupid” means being regarded as showing a lack of […]

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