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Head of the Stream

Monday, June 16th, 2014

yangtze-river-headwaters-rapidsI ran into, Bill, one of my old friends from Father Ryan High School at McDonald’s Saturday morning just after six.  He had a long face because he had lost his wallet the night before.  As he was getting ready to leave for his brother’s house, he had received a phone call. When he answered he put his wallet on top of his car and forgot it. He then drove off.  At his destination he realized what he had done. Bill retraced his route Friday evening and again at first light on Saturday without finding the missing wallet. As he was telling me about it, he mentioned that he had prayed to St. Anthony for help in the recovery. I replied that I was sure St. Anthony  was a wonderful man but that he was just a person with no power to help him.  I suggested that he cut out the middle management folks and go directly to the top by praying to Jesus for help. He replied that his mother had taught him to, “pray to St. Anthony whenever you lose something”. At that point I paused for a second and asked Jesus to help him find the wallet.  We then went our separate ways.

As I was driving along Hwy 100 I thought I caught a glimpse of a wallet on the side of the road. I tried to talk myself out of turning around and going back. But I could not. At that point I had an overpowering certainty that I had seen a wallet. When I got back down the road there it was. I was praising Jesus as I picked it up. Empty! The air quickly left my balloon. Then I looked down into the ditch and saw what looked like credit cards and a driver’s license. When I picked up the license there was Bill’s picture. I called to tell him the good news. His first words were, “you are lying”. I then offered to read him his Visa number. I told him to come meet me in the ditch. When he arrived we were able to find all of the contents. The takeaways are two. Never put a wallet on the roof of your car but if you do always go to the Head of the stream first thing!

 Something to think about