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Virus Alert

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

A while back I walked into McDonalds and there were about 20 little kids on an end of school outing. They were having the time of their lives. The teachers were doing their  best to keep them quite, but without success. While watching I concluded that God and the teachers have something in common. God is talking, but many are not listening.

God tells us not to lie, cheat and steal. He says not to covet our next door neighbor’s Lexus or his wife. Repeatedly he tells us not to envy and what he puts together is not to be broken apart.  Yet over half our marriages end in divorce. God tells us to always have class and never let our pride and jealously get the best of us.  Jesus, who was the greatest of teachers, boiled all the do’s and don’ts down to the simplest terms when he said just love God and love others.  He tells us to extend that love to our enemies and to forgive folks for the trespasses they commit against us.

I used to think that command was all about the other guy. Why should I forgive the man who abused me? Why should I forgive the guy who swiped my stuff at the gym? Why should I forgive the degenerate who stole my Bobble Head Jesus right out of my church office? Rule of thumb – never steal Jesus!  Why should I forgive anybody for anything?  Why not just hold their feet to the fire, be just as mean and nasty, be classless, make their lives miserable and hate them for the next twenty years?

Two reasons:  First, God gave us ears so we are supposed to be listeners.  Second, it doesn’t work; it is in our best interest to love, forgive and get on with our lives. We are hearing a lot lately about the West Nile Virus after several batches of Music City mosquitoes tested positive. The truth is the world has been in the clutches of a deadly virus almost since the beginning of time. It’s the super germ of resentment. Cain’s resentment killed Able. Resentment has wounded your soul and robbed your happiness time after time.

For thousands of years God has screaming at the top of his lungs, “Guys and gals listen to me.” He loves us and because of the depth of His love, He’s gone to considerable trouble to figure out the perfect plan for you and me to get the most out of life. If you want a better life simply follow His instructions.

Something to think about.