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Tuesday, June 9th, 2015


At our church, we often use the term “Big G God”. I think that is a really a cool term for God and His mighty power. Somebody remarked that I coined that idiom.  Actually, I think that I plagiarized it from someone else. I’ve never been about reinventing the wheel or not using someone’s good idea.  It really doesn’t make a hill of beans difference who came up with it; what is important is the truth contained in the term. It is the solid truth, in a simple and easy to remember expression!

However, it is one thing to use the term “Big G God” in general conversation or in teaching; yet is something else entirely to believe He is big enough to take care of you personally, no matter what. Do you believe He is big enough to take care of you personally? I expect that every believer on the planet would answer, “Sure, I believe that; of course I do”. Yet, if we take an honest look at our lives, perhaps they might reveal something else entirely. Sometimes we tend to see God as a celestial grandfather whose chief characteristic, perhaps his only one, is love.  One of the dangers we have in the church today, is that we tend to strip God of his other attributes.  One of which is that He is all-powerful and therefore has the power to take care of you. It doesn’t matter who you are or what is going on in your life.

Let me give you an example of how that can play out in our lives. Many of you know that I lived most of my life in a shadowy world of shame and self-doubt as I hid the deep, dark secret of having been abused as a child. On the outside I looked good, but inside I didn’t feel very good. Whenever my mom or wife asked if anything “like that” had happened to me, I always said “No”. The reason I didn’t tell the truth is pretty simple. I could tell you that I was ashamed or that I was embarrassed, feared rejection or was afraid to admit it. All of that would be true to a certain extent.  But the real, bottom line, gut check, honest truth is I didn’t believe God was big enough to get me through dealing with my past. I was a successful pastor with all the right answers for everybody else. But when it came to me, God’s big was not quite big enough. I have written a book about mistakes I’ve made.  Not fully trusting God was certainly one of the most costly.

Thankfully, today my insides match my outside. I’ve opened the box and let God be God.  In the process, I discovered that He’s bigger than big. God is gigantic to the umpteenth power plus! For nearly ten years now, on a daily basis, I have been witness to God’s limitless healing and restorative power.  If you are at all like I was, then ask God today to open a door to your faith becoming a fact and not merely a meaningless expression. Go for it; He is big enough!

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Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Breaking News:  In the future, every one of us is going to experience some new problems, some new pressures and some new opportunities.  Sometimes we’re not going to know what to do or even what to think. So where do you go for advice in a new situation?  You can “Google” it. You can ask around; check with folks who’ve been there. Those are well and good. But how often do you simply push pause and talk to God about it?

For reasons I do not understand millions of, seemingly otherwise normal, people watch the likes of Shawn Hannity and Rachel Maddow every night. They pay attention to and hang on to their every word. Yet, God Himself tells us to pay attention and trust Him and we usually blow it off. Does that make any sense? Anytime you pay more attention to what a talking head says over God, you are already in deep trouble.

God is always reliable because His guidance is 100% dependable. He does not have to please a sponsor, a PAC or pump up His ratings. He’s not constrained by time.  He’s in the past, present and future all at once.  You can’t fathom that can you? Neither can I. On a smaller scale that is like me trying to understand how my smart phone works. If you could figure out God, you’d be God. But we are not required to figure Him out.

Proverbs 28:26 Those who use God’s wisdom are safe. The point is you don’t have to know everything right now. You don’t have to have all the future figured out.  All you have to know is the best place you go to get answers.  All that is required is to trust Him. Remember that fact tonight when you get all worked up watching the cable “news” channels.