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The Lesson from Cecil

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

downloadCurrently, the reigning most hated man in the USA is Dr. Walter Palmer, the vilified “former” dentist, who killed Cecil, the favorite lion of the country of Zimbabwe. Like most I am sickened by the media reports surrounding Cecil’s demise. I have no idea why folks choose to do such things but I expect some would wonder why I rode a bicycle for 36 miles this morning. As I understand it the shooter thought he was on a legal hunt and had paid a professional guide $55,000 for leading the expedition. My guess is that is likely the truth; but the damage is already done to both Cecil and the Doc.

I can neither wrap my brain around the killing of that magnificent animal or the over the top reaction. With the advent of social media I have come to believe that many of us hold animals in higher regard than we do human beings. That is not a good thing! From the moment Cecil was initially shot with an arrow from Dr. Palmer’s crossbow, until he finally succumbed some forty hours later, Cecil’s death was horribly agonizing.

I hope you will understand this. During those same forty hours, four thousand, five hundred and sixty human lives were taken in abortion clinics in this country. Quite likely many of those were also slow and agonizing. Where was the outcry?   Except for the extreme right wing there is none. What does that say about the rest of us? I consider myself a political moderate. I do not want to be associated with the wing nuts of either political party. Yet, I have been pro-life as long as I have known what the word “abortion” meant.  I believe that most of us should be allowed to own guns, believe in a form of God – directed evolution, that climate change is real, that some significant change needs to be made in Social Security and that we should stop being the world’s police force. I think we should rebuild our own nation and let the rest take care of themselves.

I realize that Planned Parenthood is more than just messy after the fact birth control and that it provides much needed health services to some of the most at risk women and men in our country. Its website says that only 3% of PP services involve abortion. But until it is out of the abortion business I pray that those of us who care deeply about this issue, but who are without a political agenda, will urge our government not to give Planned Parenthood another dime.

Folks, love Cecil and Fido but never lose sight of the fact that by God’s design human beings, created in his very image, are his ultimate masterpiece and Jesus tells us to care for the least of them. A great way to do that is by encouraging defunding PP until they shudder the abortion rooms. It is time for regular people to make some noise about ending the slaughter of the innocent.

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