Be Still…

Over the weekend, I was in line at McDonald’s and the woman’s order in front of me totaled $5.21. She handed the clerk a ten and then said “I’ve got the twenty-one cents”. I pretty much knew what would happen next.  As the clerk stood there holding the ten, the woman began to scrounge around in her purse. She twisted and contorted herself as she dug deeper for the elusive coins. The clerk rolled her eyes. The guy behind me sighed a bit. A little girl toward the back said, “Mommy I’m hungry”. Me —– I just smiled because I knew I had a good story in the making. As the line grew longer the woman started taking stuff out of her bag and placing it on the counter — a mini umbrella, a wad of tissue, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a cell phone and a huge key ring with a picture of a golden retriever.  At this point I remember thinking, “Gee, I wish I had thought to time this search”.  The guy behind me started to pray. At least I heard him say something about God. The stoic clerk looked our way and silently mouthed, “I’m sorry”.  The hungry little girl began to cry. I thanked God that in my old age He has given me some patience and a sense of humor.

The truth is when we go for “fast food” we expect to wait. That is part of the experience. But when it comes to God we expect his train to run on our schedule. Yet, often He keeps us waiting. God is rich in wisdom.  He always has a specific reason for His delays. When I’m waiting on God I’m tempted to help him out a bit.  That always involves some degree of me taking matters into my own hands. My bad — always! “Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act”. Psalms 37:7 (NLT) In other words He never needs my help. While waiting on God our sole responsibility is to trust. The longer God takes to give me direction, the more He teaches me.



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