Looking Back

Well, I just saw my first post-Obama bumper sticker. It has his pic along with this caption: “And you thought I was bad!” Following that car, suddenly I had a flashback to the Jethro Tull hit from the late sixties, “Living in the Past”, in which Jethro longed to return to the peaceful days prior to the Vietnam War.  I thought about me and my buddies from grade school going to the Knickerbocker Theater when tickets were twenty-five cents and popcorn was a nickel. Next, with a tinge of sadness, I remembered the uncomfortable treadmill life that I used to live when I chose to allow my past to dictate my today.

Finally, I recollected the wise words of St. Paul, “… I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead…”  Philippians 3:13 (NLT)  Recollections are past tense; whereas, reality only occurs in the present which means that today is the only day we can change.

Something to think about




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