No Dumbass

The other night I was in line at McDonalds behind a woman who placed an order for one burger that had several caveats attached. She first got my attention when she was very wordy with her order. Like she said that it was for her sister and not for herself and on and on. She then griped about the price. The order came out rather quickly. Unfortunately, the woman opened the bag to find that it was not correct. While showing me the burger she said to me, “Look I told her no mayo. She is such a dumbass”.  Since I know the counter person I said, “No she is not a dumbass. She is a hard worker.  Somebody along the line made a mistake, but that does not make her a dumbass any more than you would be a dumbass if you made a mistake. It’s a mistake; that is all.” The woman gave me a strange look, apologized and left with another burger that was correct.

Cathy and Hudson, my grandson, were both proud of me for defending the worker. As I was basking in the warm glow of their adulation I had this thought: Would I have been as vocal had the complainer been 6’4”, 245 pounds with a three-day stubble? I think I would.


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