I’m at Starbucks drinking a tall decaf with nutmeg. I can get it cheaper and better at McDonalds, but I find the people-watching is still better here, regardless of the price. Here are my observations about some of the folks I’m watching: There is a woman standing outside in a light midst smoking a really long cigarette. It is cold out there and she is coatless.  I think she might be shivering. She looks really anxious; every time she takes a drag, as she exhales, she looks down at the cigarette in her hand.  I think she is checking to see how much longer she will have to stand out in the cold rain enjoying her smoke. It will be a while. She doesn’t look like she is having fun. Once, as she blew smoke out her nose, for just a split second, smoking appealed to me again; I better stop watching her. I don’t get it. Why do people stand shivering in the rain to do something that isn’t good for them? Maybe it is the same reason that I sometimes eat a pound of M&Ms.

Across from me there is a guy reading a newspaper. Actually, he is reading two —- The New York Times and The Tennessean. They aren’t his papers. I see him here often; he just borrows them from the rack. When he is finished he will reassemble and put them back. Is that stealing? I think it is. I wish people didn’t do that. When I buy a paper I want it to be crisp, unwrinkled and flat without that fellow’s crumbs or grease spots. Why do folks do things like that?  I’m sure he doesn’t consider it wrong any more than I do when I speed or gossip a bit. There are a couple of teens on an I Pad; I’ve heard the “F Bomb” twice already. I think that is really tacky. I am tempted to go over and say something. For some reason, I just recalled a day, many years ago, when I let one fly.  OUCH!

You know there is a lot to be learned about ourselves just watching other folks drink coffee.

Something to think about.


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