With God Anything is Possible

159ee5968bacaba594a41b5e11a1ebbcOne of the most asked questions that I get is “How do I know there is a God?” I love that one because I have a great answer. “I have seen him work miracles in my life.” Lately, as we have been winding down our ministry, I have been thinking back over the last twenty-seven years and how God used many people to get me from selling building supplies to selling Jesus and allowed us to help plant both Highland Park Church in 1993 and Crossroad Community Church in 2005. He lit the fuse to this miracle in an unusual way. It all started through a guy I met in a youth football program. At that time, I had not been going to church with any regularity for over twenty years. I have learned that when God starts something you better grab hold because you are in for an amazing adventure. It is no stretch to tell you that I will be in heaven because God chose me for this incredible ride. God sent others into my life to guide me along this journey. Like the retired preacher who, over a cup of coffee in Memphis, first encouraged me to think about the ministry. My wife, Cathy, who gave up being a stay at home mom, so I could become a minister in 1990 and who without her pulling much more than her share, my ministry would have been impossible. There were the hundreds of people who loved and supported us when my forty-five year secret shame came out in 2005. One of those is the most giving person I have ever known. He introduced me to the thrill of generosity which has made me a better man. I constantly thank God for those folks along the way.

So, twenty-seven years down the road, on most days I get close to allowing Jesus to be my Lord and not just my Savior. I have found thought trial and error that one adjustment makes life much more fun and a lot less complicated. Instantly, life becomes love and forgiveness instead of bitterness and hate. I confessed to our church the day I announced my retirement, that for years, after the nasty HPC split, that I had taken joy in the fact that the church I had helped to plant still had only one service. How is that for sinfulness? It was all about me and my hurt and nothing about folks coming to know Jesus.  Obviously, at that time John was Lord and not Jesus. Then one day I was alone in our cabin when God showed me how out of His will I was. Since that day, I have prayed for God to grow HPC to two services and bless everybody there. That is the latest miracle. That is a God thing not a John thing. I am expecting more miracles in the new season of our lives because with God anything is possible.

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