Attention Pastors

grantsMiracles Still Happen: Crossroad Community Church will have a final service on December 18.  After Christmas, we will launch the “CCC Miracles Still Happen Grant Program”.  God has blessed us financially, so we want to pass His blessing on to other churches / 501c3 ministries.  These grants are not intended for operational expenses but rather for very specific ministry projects. In phase one (now) we invite pastors / ministry leaders to email with a short description of your church and its need. If our grant committee selects you for phase two, we will email an application packet to gather more information which could include financial statements, board members /elders, corporate charter, 501c3 acceptance, etc. Preference will be given to non-denominational churches. Closing date for submitting applications is March 1,  2017. We expect that all the grants will be awarded by July 1, 2017.  With God miracles still happen! God Bless.

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