6a00d8341c652b53ef01b7c7610e21970b-800wiFriday past Timothy Batts, the dad who shot and killed his little girl by mistake a few weeks ago, who was out on bail which was raised by many supporters, failed a drug test. Part of his bail agreement was that he would not use drugs. Now he has let many people down and is heading back behind bars. On the pain of regret!

A few Sundays back after church I visited a man in ICU at St. Thomas West who was in critical condition and not expected to live. I am not sure he knew I was there. I then attended a visitation for a dear friend’s brother. As I drove home I thought about the two men. I wondered what were their chief regrets in life? I thought about mine. I have a few, but thankfully not many.

What are your chief regrets? Do not most of them kindle feelings of shame, embarrassment, grief, anger, remorse or hurt? Those are the primary emotions that are debilitating to a healthy life. We have all screwed up. Regrets are inevitable, but unfortunately many people choose to live in self-constructed prisons of regret. If you want a life without regret, perhaps you need to do things differently. Talk them out and let them go!

Several years ago we built our first church facility. Whenever I would go to the jobsite there were two places I could park. One was an area right up close where most of the workers parked. It was mostly dirt, mud and at least two nails. Then there was another spot farther away that was mostly gravel and no nails. It took me awhile, but after a couple of flats, I finally figured out that I was better off if I parked in the other spot and walked a little bit. That is a metaphor for how life often works out. If you want to keep sticking nails in your life, keep doing what you have been doing. If you don’t, start doing things differently. I have found that it works!

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