It Ain’t Right

poop-babyfaceFor the most part, I keep my personal opinions under control. Believe me this presidential race has put my control to the test. So far so good. After witnessing what I consider a ghastly misuse of perhaps the most overused adjective in the history of the world, I am speaking up. This morning at McDonald’s I overheard a conversation from the next booth. In a nutshell here is what took place: A young couple and their very cute baby boy, that I would guess to be about six months, were eating breakfast. Suddenly, I heard the guy say, to his wife that he thought the baby had “done a job in his diaper”. Mom took a whiff and off to the changing station she and baby disappeared. When she and junior returned, she laughingly said, “Justin that was the most amazing load I have ever seen”. Folks that was the final straw! I am taking my stand. What could possibly be amazing about a diaper full of crap? “Amazing” used to mean “so extraordinary or wonderful as to be barely believable”. It was a word seldom used, because few, if any, mundane things are in fact amazing. Now, it is used to describe everything from a bottle of beer to a diaper full of mess. That ain’t right!

It seems to me that we have taken a word that used to pack quite a punch and turned it into nothing more than a meaningless and misused adjective for the non-amazing. There are some truly amazing things: God is amazing in all of His attributes. Occasionally, sunsets are amazing. Unconditional love is always amazing. A few people are amazing, but a mess in a diaper is not even close! The bottom line is that few things are truly amazing and that is the very reason that they are.

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