Doesn’t Seem Right

bullet_hole_PNG6063With all the horrible shootings of all stripes recently I though back to the day a few years back when out of the blue I was nearly shot. Cathy and I were driving in a very upscale area of Williamson County, Tennessee admiring the gorgeous homes and rolls of golden hay scatted like precious jewels about the lush, green pastures off Del Rio Pike. Suddenly, the tranquility of the moment was shattered when something hit the passenger side door, where I was sitting, with such force that I reflexively shouted, “That felt like a bullet”.  Since we were on our way to eat dinner, naturally we kept driving. Actually we did not really believe that it was a bullet, but probably a rock striking the side of the car.  By the time we made it to the restaurant, we had other priorities and forgot to check it out.  A few days later, as I was walking to the car, I was shocked to discover a bullet “hole” in the door about 18 inches below where my head had been stationed that evening. When I saw it a shiver went down my spine and I was flooded with numerous notions.

There may be some folks who want to shoot me, but that was not the case this time. The theory is that it was a stray 22 caliber bullet fired from a great distance or possibly a ricochet because it did not completely penetrate the door. From the impact point, the lay of the land and the fact that nobody had a clue we would be driving that road, it was apparent that it was not an “attempted hit”. Yet, having said that, judging from the sound of the impact and the damage to the door, there is no doubt that I would have been seriously injured or perhaps killed had the projectile struck my head.

Later, as I reflected on the incident, I had many thoughts. Here are a couple of them: First, never assume that you will get where you are going. Life hangs by a thread in the best of circumstances.  Second, had I been killed it would have been the lead story on all the local news.  Yet, when someone is shot dead in the “hood” it hardly merits a mention. Since I believe that God loves, values and grieves for us all, that doesn’t  seem right.

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