Nothing Much Left

tornado-damage-wisconsin-110414-02My grandson Hudson and I were boxing up some old books and I came across “The Winners Manual (For The Game of Life)” written by former Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel.  After I had read it several years back, I was so impressed by Coach Tressel’s book that I gave several copies to family and friends. If you keep up with college football you know he was fired a few years after the book was published. Bottom line is that Jim Tressel got caught lying to the NCCA and it cost him his job — sad ending to an incredible career.

I reflected on some of the lies I have told in my life. Like Tressel’s lies, nearly all of mine were told to cover my rear end too. Like the time at the University of Tennessee, when a RA happened to walk by my room and saw a can of PBR (beer) on my desk. When he later confronted me, I willfully chose to lie. I got away with it, but I have never forgotten it. I avoided him for the remained of my junior year. He knew I was lying, but could not prove it. At the time, I thought I was really cool. Interestingly, I do not feel that way as I type.

Here is what I’ve learned about lying. Folks can often get away with lying even when they lie compulsively — for a while. Yet, in this media age when leaders lie they seldom get away with it, because they usually have to keep lying to cover the original lie. This seems to happen with time table regularity with preachers, politicians and  coaches. Somewhere along the way, the wires seem to always get crossed up and often lead to the leader’s disgraceful downfall. Coach Tressel  lost one of the best jobs in football not because he broke the rules, but because of the lie he told to cover up. He is not the first coach to be proved a liar.

Closer to home we have essentially the same situation that cost Bruce Pearl his job at the University of Tennessee. The score will always be settled sooner or later. In life we all make mistakes, but ounce for ounce lies may be the most personally damaging. When you lose your honesty there is not much left is there?

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