Shake It Off

donkeydownloadDuring a hospital visit my critically ill friend told me this story about a donkey: One day an old and feeble donkey fell into a dry well. Fortunately, he landed feet first with no broken bones. The farmer looked and looked and finally heard a faint sound off about 100 yards to the east. Walking toward the sound, it got louder and louder as he followed it to the abandoned well. Sure enough he looked in and at the very bottom was the old donkey staring up with a look of pure hopelessness.  Well, the farmer did not think there was any way he could ever pull him out and if he could it would probably kill the old donkey, since he was so old and weak. Besides that, the truth was, he was not good for much of anything. So he decided that he would just throw dirt down into the well and bury him alive. He did not know what else to do. He called for a few neighbors; then he said a prayer and they all began to shovel dirt into the well. As each shovelful hit the donkey’s back, the old fellow shook his back real hard and fast, kind of like he had a bad chill, so that the dirt fell off around his feet.

The men kept shoveling. About an hour later, the strangest thing happened. As the farmer was about to throw a shovelful of dirt into the well, he noticed the old mule’s head poke up out of the hole. Each time the dirt had landed on the old donkey, he shook it off and stepped up on the new dirt until he had worked his way to the top of the well. The donkey story teaches us all a great lesson about handling life – shake it off and always keep stepping up!

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