Wendy’s Girl

wendy imagesI’m on vacation in Destin, Florida staying at a pricey beach-front high rise. Right now, I’m across the street at Wendy’s having lunch. There are 15 other people in here eating; most appear to also be from the beach condos. I see lots of gold and diamonds. There are two elderly women next to me talking about their ex-husbands. I didn’t know old women could talk that salty. They look like walking jewelry store ads but sound like they are in a locker room.

The Chinese girl who took my order has a difficult time with her English, but not her smile. She has perfected that! She has been smiling the whole time I’ve been here. Actually, she screwed up my order and apologized profusely, but her smile never faded. Her smile is incredible!  In fact, I told her smile was way cool. I think that embarrassed her, but the smile stayed intact. As I’m eating I’ve noticed none of the others of us are smiling — just the Chinese girl who from the looks of things may have the least to smile about. What does she have that we don’t?

Part 1 UNSCREWED – Becoming Whole Again

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