Falling UP

ShelSilversteinFallingUpWhat a difference ten years has made. That is how long it has been since I reluctantly left my dream job.  Next to being taken away by an alien spacecraft, that was about the last thing I expected to happen. After twelve years it was unexpected and devastating. For the first time since I was fifteen, I was unemployed. I recall filling out a medical form shortly after learning of the loss of our church in a “bloodless coup”. One of the questions was about employment. I had to put my “X” in the “unemployed” box.  I wanted to cry. I felt an all – encompassing pall of worthlessness and shame descend over my whole being.

Suddenly at age fifty-nine I was officially a “loser”! I was shocked, angry and bitter. In the midst of my self-pity, I refused to have hope. Like so many successful people, I had let my job define me. Due to my irrational thinking, I wrongly concluded that, “John without my job equaled a zero”. The next hundred days were as close to hell as I ever plan to get. However, the last thirty-six hundred or so have been as close to heaven as I expect to experience on planet earth. Because of the love of many very special people, at some point during those hundred days of despair, I decided to climb out of my self-imposed hole and live again.  Nashville anchorman Bob Sellers wrote piece about “Falling Up” a few years back. That pretty much describes what happened to me, even though I went from a multi-million-dollar facility to a rented school auditorium. Sometimes whether we fall up or down in life is solely a function of what we choose to do after the fall and little to do with the fall itself. And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8-28 NLT

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