Despite having never bounced a check, I got a letter from Bank of America Saturday telling me that I was overdrawn $17.88. Unless I took care of it immediately, they might have to report me to an outfit called “ChexSystems” where apparently lots of bad things happen to folks.  Here is how I got overdrawn:  A few weeks ago I went to BOA and closed an account.  They wrote me a cashier’s check. The next month I got a statement showing that I had two cents left in the account.  The following month they had added a service charge giving me a negative balance of $8.93. I called the bank. “No problem Mr. G we’ll take care of it right away”.  A month later, I’m now at minus $17.88 and they threaten to report me. 

It is a good thing I opened the letter Saturday, after they had closed! I was going to march in there first thing Monday morning to give them a piece of my mind! They obviously don’t know who I am.  For their information, I am the John Gouldener; I keep my accounts in the black, thank you! To whom do they think they are writing?

And then God did it again.  He said, “Look here John; haven’t we talked about your pride before?  You said you got it, but this BP rise over the bank letter makes me wonder.  Take a deep breath, calm down and listen to Me.  Somebody made a mistake. That is all. Don’t you make mistakes?  How would you like it if Cathy got all bent out of shape when you screw up?  Remember the other day when you…?”

It is amazing how God always speaks the truth if we will give him the chance.

Something to Think About

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