Taking for Granted

beingtakenforgrantedquotesRecently I lost a filling. Actually, it was not a big deal; but to my tongue the hole felt the size of the Grand Canyon. For those four days all kinds of scary thoughts went through my mind. Things like what if it starts hurting? What if it starts hurting really bad? What if I have to have a root canal? And the most distressing thought was  —- how much will a root canal cost me?  Well, none of the above happened.  Dr. Hailey  worked his magic and all was well again. I am fortunate; I can pay whatever my insurance does not cover. If I have to have a root canal, I can pay for it. I can pretty much pay for anything I need and lots of stuff I do not need. The day after I got my tooth fixed, I walked into McDonalds. The server, who looked to be in her late teens, greeted me with a huge smile. She literally lit up!  I immediately felt sad. My heart ached for her. She did not have her top front teeth. That must be a huge deal for a teen. Yet, her smile was one of the biggest I have ever seen.

Saturday, we took our grandson, Hudson, to eat at the Corner Pub. It is one of his favorite places because of the video game machines. He played them multiple times. When we left the Pub, he wanted to go to the “ice cream place”. He had a small cone with sprinkles and Cathy and I both had one-scoop cups. Cost for the evening, approximately $50.00.  Leaving the parking lot, I noticed the McDonalds’ sign; for some reason I thought again about the girl with no teeth. I take so much for granted.

Something to Think About

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