Cost Accounting

cost accountingSeveral years back we put down hardwood. You know the drill; you rip up the perfectly good carpet to put down hardwood. Then you buy some more carpet called “rugs” in order to cover up most of the new wood. So, off we went looking for rugs. We didn’t have any trouble finding ones we liked; we found loads of them! But we didn’t want to pay the price. We finally settled on some that will do the job, but not our first choice. In each decision which everyday folks make, we’ve got to deal with “Is it worth the price?” Had we been willing to pay the price, we would have had much nicer rugs for Sam our grand dog to pee on. But I’m getting a bit too graphic here. I’m sure you get the picture.

Life is all about choices – both good and bad. Sometimes we are willing to pay the price and other times we aren’t. Jesus told a story (Luke 18) about a guy who said he wanted what Jesus was “selling”. But when he found out the cost, he suddenly wasn’t in a buying mood. I imagine that we all know folks who have made 180 degree changes in their lives, both good ones and bad, because they were willing to pay the price. Real change always carries a premium price. That is true whether you are a near hopeless drug addict, who finally commits to work the program, or you are a well-respected professional willing to betray your love ones and friends in order to fuel your ego driven pride.

Either way, there is a huge price to be paid. The only difference is one choice leads to a life of satisfaction, hope and growth; the other to a life of regret, blaming, misery and always having to look away. Either way we pretty much get what we deserve. As far as the bad choices are concerned, always with God and sometimes with people, you can ask for and receive forgiveness.

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