Hope vs Strategy

downloadRecently, as I was rearranging one of my bookcases I came across a copy of Rick Page’s best-selling sales and marketing book, “Hope Is Not a Strategy: The 6 Keys to Winning the Complex Sale”. It is one of the classics on the art of sales; the first part of the title is quoted infinitum by sales coaches. As I thumbed through the book, it occurred to me that the application of that title should not be limited to the art of selling. I am constantly amazed at the number of folks who “hope” to do this or “hope” to do that, but they have little or no plan to transform the hope to reality. I have a friend who is gifted beyond measure, who has pretty much amounted to nothing. I can’t count the number of grandiose ideas that fizzled because he had no plan to push his ideas past concepts. On the other hand for many years, I worked with a man who epitomized overachievement; the guy was constantly planning and reaching his goals at a  remarkable pace.

Many years ago, before I attended my first recovery meeting, I was instructed to attend 90 meetings in the first 90 days. It was not an easy thing, but I did it and it has served me well. People who go into recovery with that kind of strategy have a very good chance of succeeding. I did thank God. On the other hand those who don’t, usually don’t. Today it seems that clearly thought out strategies are about as scarce as cool days in August.

At the “Y” I noticed that the lifeguards constantly carry with them a “Life Guard Rescue Tube”. If they are on duty they are required to have that rescue tube with them – not near them, but with them! Sometimes it looks a bit foolish to be walking around with that thing hanging on them, especially when there is nobody in the pool. But it isn’t foolish at all. It is a strategy put into place well before the need arises. Nationally, pool drowning has decreased sharply since the rescue tube strategy was implemented. God’s plan for each of us is a good plan. Often the only difference between what we call success and failure is the word — “STRATEGY”.

Something to Think About

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