On one of those record setting warm days back in December, I took a  bike ride. My bike is made bikeaccidentsphotoof carbon fiber and it is an incredible ride especially when I’m going up a hill. Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight; it is essentially the same material that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is made. That coupled with the fact that the gearing is advantageous for climbing means that the old fellow doesn’t have to strain quite so hard on the uphill. I did a solo contemplative ride through scenic rural countryside with virtually no traffic – perfect for thinking and planning! A little over a mile from the end, I had to go up a fairly steep hill. All the while I was pumping to get to the top, I was thinking about how great it was going to be to crest the peak and coast effortlessly down the backside with the wind to my back. And it was great! From the time I topped the hill until I got back to my house, a distance of slightly over a mile, I didn’t have to pedal at all.

However, about half way down I became aware of something strange. While coasting is easy on the thighs it is not nearly as fulfilling as pumping those pedals on a long flat to determine my own fate. Perhaps that is what the Old Testament prophet Isaiah had in mind when he wrote, Tell the godly that all will be well for them. They will enjoy the rich reward they have earned!” Isaiah 3:10 (NLT)

Something to Think About

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