1-13 small-business-opportunity-08A while back I got this written prayer request: “Please pray for my doctors that they can stay in God’s will and save my life!” In the corner of the note was a little heart with a smiley face inside. Yet, as I read the note I felt a sense of urgency in his request. Several years ago my older brother Eddie was visiting in my office. He related his long battle with reoccurring and this time terminal cancer. Sensing an opening I asked him, “What is it like to be dying?”   “It’s like a double-edged sword. On the one hand it is exciting to know that soon I will see the Man upstairs, Bill and daddy. It’s going to be incredible to see God, but on the other hand it is frightening. Oh, I know I’m going to heaven; that part doesn’t frighten me, but the fear of the unknown, of the dying process is a load.”

As a pastor and former hospital chaplain I’ve been around more than my share of death and dying. Eddie’s description of what it is like seems to be a common thread connecting many terminally ill believers. By and large the folks reading this piece are healthy. Death is not on most of your radars. More than likely your minds are focused the NFL playoff, losing some of that Christmas weight gain or looking forward to spring or the like. Someone has said that death is the last frontier and one that we don’t want to think about. But perhaps you should while there is still time to do all the things you should do. Things like making a phone call, saying “I’m sorry”, making that visit or whatever it is for you. Here is something else I hear quite a bit from those near death: “I wish I had done some things differently.” Today is your opportunity!

Something to Think About

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