What Will Baby Choose?

babyI overheard some folks talking about being pregnant. One said this: “It is like if I am having a bad day or a little down, he will move a bit and his movement will pull me out”. How is that for a poignant statement? I think what she is actually saying is when her baby moved it shifted her focus off herself and onto him — nothing new here.  2000 years ago Jesus essentially said the same thing. Matthew 20:26 Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must become your slave.  Many people will tell you that, from their personal experience, the quickest cure for a case of “ain’t it awful” is to get your focus off yourself and onto someone else.  I find that to be true and I expect you do too.

Perhaps the most miserable and insecure people seem to also be the most self-absorbed. By and large every waking moment is about their life, latest deal, new toy or their whatever. In one way or the other they are the subjects of all their conversations. Of course, not surprisingly, all the bad in life is somebody else’s fault. They seem to have a perpetual “I’m fixing to have a root canal” look etched onto their faces. Life is pretty much one big wad of negativity.  I doubt if all of that is a coincident. On the other hand, one of the happiest and most confident guys I know is just the opposite. Perpetually positive and upbeat, he is constantly looking outward to doing something for somebody else. At a time when I was at my lowest, he took me under his wing and in just a few months gave me a life’s worth of “how to love others” lessons. In the process he helped pull me out of the deepest and darkest hole I have ever been.  Whenever I see him he’s wearing his trademark big ear to ear smile. I doubt if that is a coincidence either.

Hopefully that baby boy will choose to live his life more like the guy with the smile. I hope I do too because ultimately the quality of our lives hangs in the balance!

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