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lifesaversThe other day I stopped for gas and picked up a roll of Five Flavor Life Savers. Immediately, I thought back to grammar school.  Whenever we exchanged Christmas gifts, I felt like I had hit the jackpot if I came home with a Life Savers “book” of candy.  Gee, how times have changed. I was surprised when my mouth discovered that the original lemon and lime flavors have been replaced with watermelon and raspberry.  Cherry is still the same as it used to be, but I think they have tinkered with the orange and pineapple a bit — seems to have more of a kick. Market research indicated that younger folks prefer tart and bolder flavors over the old standbys of years gone by.  So what? Who gives a flip? What can we possibly learn from a small roll of candy wrapped in wax paper and aluminum foil?  Quite a bit actually.  The Bible says there is a time for everything; sometimes it is time to change.  Life is about change.  It is important to recognize that Kraft Foods didn’t discontinue the roll of Five Flavors. The product was basically a winner that could become better with a few changes. They kept what was working and replaced what wasn’t. The sales figures indicate the change has been highly successful.  A whole new generation is sucking away on those little candies with the hole in the center. As with all change there was some risk.   What if the new flavors bombed?  No doubt there was an element of fear going into the change, but that didn’t prevent the Life Savers people from doing what they knew needed to be done.

Someone said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”. Perhaps it is time to take an objective look at our lives. Not so much to determine what needs to be changed; most likely we already know that. But to come up with a plan for implementation. Some of us are past due for making drastic modifications in our personal lives and relationships, but are paralyzed by fear.  I have discovered that the fear of change is much worse than the change itself. I expect that is the way it is with most folks. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people over at Life Savers came to the same conclusion. Are you choosing to live on a “lemon / lime” level when you could experience the zest and zing of watermelon and raspberry?

Something to think about

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