Slow Churned

edyI recently noticed that Edy’s Ice Cream is “slow churned”. There is something inherently ironic about marketing the quality of something that is slowly churned to the high speed – generation of the 21st Century. Growing up I remember my mom being in the kitchen all afternoon preparing supper from scratch. She would actually peel the potatoes, snap and pull the strings off the green beans, wash and cut up a chicken then roll the pieces in flour on a well-worn wooden cutting board. Then when mom starting cooking she used every eye on the stove including the oven. I recall that our house used to smell really good back then. Seems like the slow churned days are pretty much bygone days.

The quality of our lives can be significantly enhanced by incorporating a little slow churning into them.  For most of my life, I went to work early and stayed late. At my last church I was teaching the Sunday messages, counseling the members, visiting the sick, burying the dead, facilitating the Bible studies, watering the flowers, buffing the floors and cleaning the commodes —- all in the name of the Lord.I didn’t do that because I had to or because we couldn’t afford help; our pockets were deep.  I was driven because I felt that I had to prove my worth. Someplace along the way I learned to equate being a fast churned overachiever with being OK.

Today, I’m in recovery from me. No longer do I feel compelled to supply the appropriate answer to every question or to meet every want. In fact, I now realize that not every question requires or even merits an answer. In the process I’m learning to enjoy life like never before.

Thanks for the reminder Edy.

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