springboardA bit over a year from now we will be electing a new person to hate. Of course I am talking about the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election. As far as more recent history is concerned, it seems to me that when a Democrat occupies the White House the hate is more overt than when Republicans sleep there. I think that is because there are more right-wing talking heads on radio and cable to fan the flames of abhorrence. Sadly, I am confident that a lot of left wingers are just as hateful but are more discrete about it. I cannot wrap my brain around hating anybody; it must be great fun for so many to partake. Of course that is always the way with sin. In any event they say that two billion dollars with be spent on winning the title of “most hated” next year. My conclusion is that people who run for President are not playing with a full deck. Perhaps they are simply narcissists with mammoth egos.

After all the attack ads, insults, half truths, outright lies and dollar bills have settled, only one will be left standing; the rest will have made appropriate concession speeches promising to support the very folks they ripped to shreds in the campaign. For them the pain of their bruised egos and empty wallets will be excruciating. Mercifully before the next sunset, the media will have deleted their pics, bios and sound bites from their hard drives and then their healing process will begin. It always does.

The way life is structured most candidates lose. Teams come up a yard short. Plans go astray. Marriages fall apart. People get disappointed. Dreams fade.  Quite often the greatest treasures are found in the rockiest fields amid the thorns and thistles of pure agony. Being on the short end of the stick is often the springboard to rare opportunities. It’s at life’s lowest points that we are in the best position to bounce highest. More than seems fair, often life hurts like hell.  For some of us that is what it took to abandon our self- dependence and accept the outstretched hand of God.

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