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I thought that I would never see the above picture which was taken last Friday at the dedication of the Doug Dickey Hall of Fame Plaza at the University of Tennessee. Since 1992 Johnny Majors has held a grudge against Phillip Fulmer. After Majors was fired by Dickey, who was the AD at the time, Fulmer replaced him as head football coach. Long story short I think Majors believed that his friend and offensive coordinator, Fulmer was behind the coaching change. Over the years he had openly referred to Fulmer as a “backstabber”.

This year I am celebrating twenty-five years of ministry. I’ve counseled countless people who have been abused, neglected, betrayed, maligned, ignored, abandoned, cheated and double-crossed among multiple other wrongs. I, myself, was one of those people. What I have observed is that folks who come to the point of forgiving their offender thrive despite the offense; whereas, those who refuse forgiveness set themselves up for a self-imposed descent into the black, hopeless abyss of deterioration, destruction and depression.

When I was young I figured that the rules in the Bible were put there to take the fun out of life. Today, as a survivor myself, I know that they are put there to afford us the greatest opportunity for the life we’ve always wanted.  Jesus clearly taught, without any wiggle room whatsoever, that we are to forgive anyone and everyone who offends us — no asterisks, no footnotes, and no disclaimers. Great call Coach!

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