seagullsIn the spring I was on the beach watching the seagulls playing in front of me. They were getting along in remarkable harmony until I tossed out an apple core. Do not think I should have done that!  Immediately, the tranquility turned to hostility.  Every bird on the beach figured he/she had an exclusive right to my discarded red delicious. I know very little about ornithology so my seagull knowledge is pretty limited. However, it seems to me that seagulls share mankind’s “me and mine” mentality.  One of the first words a baby learns, shortly after “mama and dada”, is “me”. The “me default” remains for life; although, thankfully it often remains dormant.

We are self–center and greedy by nature. Greed has been one of mankind’s fatal flaws since before the Stone Age. Like seagulls we get along fine until the will is read or one of us gets a bit more —– more money, more house, more prestige, more recognition or more anything.  But once that happens, more often than not, all bets are off.  This is the point where the “me response” often explodes from dormancy like a ten megaton atomic bomb. Greed doesn’t just happen on Wall Street. It also happens on Main Street when folks make flawed decisions to buy more things we can’t afford or we allow our jealously to prompt us to attempt to snatch what belongs to someone else to our side of the beach. Either way, we are like seagulls fighting over the apple core. That is so sad because until my apple core plopped down the seagulls were just fine.

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