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problem-53e4bb8213dae92913df99ad8a28b5ea01974ac2-s900-c85There is a new business in my neighborhood called the “Anti Aging Center”.  I told my wife maybe we should drop in, but fortunately I will not need to go after all. I already feel ten years younger and it did not cost me a thing.  I finally did it! I’ve given in. I am now answering folks with the trendy “no problem” response.  A several years back the younger generation started wearing their caps backwards.  I sort of wanted to do it, but at my age I would look like an idiot. Actually I did try it once  in the  privacy of my own home and sure enough I looked almost cool.  But I was afraid Cathy might come in and catch me so I turned it around quickly.  But this “no problem” phenomenon is a different animal so I’ve decided to be a part of it and I already feel better.

I mean if someone is thirty-five or less NP flows from their lips like losing on West End. NP is spreading through our speech faster than global warming. It has become the chic slogan for younger hip folks. It is everywhere.  Like the waitress just brought me a Diet Coke refill; I said “thanks”. “No problem” she relied.

This morning at the “Y” I mentioned to the life guard that there was no steam in the steam room.  “No problem” she said. A while ago I rounded a corner in the hallway and almost had a head on collision with another gentleman.   “Excuse me”, I said.  He “no problemed” me without ever looking up from his phone.

Where did this “no problem” thing start anyway? I know they’ve been saying NP in Jamaica for a century, but this is way beyond that.  It has become a shorthand way of saying, it doesn’t matter. No big deal. It is OK. It will work out. Don’t worry about it.  No problem!  Obviously, the world is full of serious problems that do matter, but the truth is, in the grand scheme of things, many of my so called   “problems” are really no problem at all.

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