2abd153ebe33d856057069ad339f2ea1I’m at our farm stretched out on the back of our pickup truck.  I’m staring up at a dark, moonless, star-lit sky trying to stay awake for the Perseid meteor shower. So far I have seen one meteor. I’ve done this before and it always disappoints.

A few days ago I read an article about Dr. Edgar Mitchell, one of the NASA Apollo 14 astronauts,  who took a nine hour stroll on the moon in 1971. Dr. Mitchell stated that “recent stories from high-ranking military officials report of the existence of intelligent life from other planets. According to those tales, missiles shot toward visiting aircraft were easily deflected by the visitors from outer space”.

He went on to say that world governments are now in the midst of a pre-planned process of acknowledging the visits which have occurred for at least the last sixty years. He predicted that before long life in the universe other than here on earth will be an officially acknowledged fact. This guy may be the biggest nutcase around, but he sounds credible to me. But as my wife has said many times I’m the most naive guy on the planet —- earth that is. So what?  What if Dr. Mitchell is correct? What if some public official, in the not too distant future, stands before a bank of cameras and states that we are not alone?

How would that change life as you know it?  I’m not sure it will change much of anything; it does cause some wondering on my part. Here are a few of my musings: Where did they come from? Do they cry?  Do they laugh? Do they all speak the same language? Do they have versions of the NFL, the Internet, the iPhone and Diet Coke? Do they have a drug problem? Do they both love and hate? Are they all the same color? How do they reproduce? Do they fight wars where they live? Do some of them lie, cheat and steal? How do they feel about us? Who is in charge up there? Do they believe in God?  I sure hope they do!

Something to think about

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