men-putting-shingles-on-houseI’m typing this from my home office as I look out the window at the guys putting a new roof on the two story house across the street. Those fearless fellows showed up this morning and hit that roof like a swarm of ants. In no time they had stripped the old shingles off and are now well on their way to having the new roof installed.  It is quite a sight to see! What is amazing is the way they confidently walk around upright on that roof. Right now one is standing on a 30 foot peak holding one of those orange Igloo coolers up over his head as he squirts water into his mouth. I don’t think I could do that if I were standing on the ground. I do my best to stay away from roofs. Whenever I have to go up on one, instead of walking like those guys, I kind of scoot around on my butt.  None of those guys are scooters. That is why they are making such progress.

Sadly, many people settle for kind of scooting along through life never enjoying the freedom of standing tall or achieving their potential.  We scoot because of fear.  We fear that if folks really knew us then they would not like us. We fear if we ever admitted that we are not perfect or didn’t have it all together then people might think less of us.  We fear sharing our feelings out of a fear of rejection. We fear going for our dreams because of the chance that we might fail. We have many reasons for scooting along.  None of them are very good.

Something to think about

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