Five Little Words

brian_williams_pinocchio_by_es_by_bl8antband-d8gs9gaAfter all the hype, big bucks, ratings victories and endless self-promotion, NBC has announced that their rating champion and chief liar is out of the anchor chair of the NBC Evening News. Even worse Brian Williams is permanently banished to the bowels of 30 Rockerfeller  Center as breaking news anchor at MSNBC and most likely will do lead ins for Rachel Maddow.  That is quite a tumble!

So far it seems that the network has let this story unfold as is without attempting to spin it in a more favorable light.  In an era when the media, both liberal and conservative with regularity and without conscience, spin the news to suit their agenda I find this refreshing.

There is a lesson here for the rest of us. Most likely Brian could have saved himself by looking into the red light atop the camera and sincerely saying five little words.  How many of our lives would be enhanced for the good by uttering the same single five word sentence: I made a bad decision.

Think about the pain you have carried because your pride would not let you admit you had screwed up. Suppose you had acknowledged your mistake, taken your lumps and moved on? Would the world have ended — nope! Would you be better off – no doubt!  I expect that is one of the reason why the Bible says (Proverbs 28:13 NLT) “People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy.”

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