From a Distance

watching-from-a-distanceYahoo News reported that according to a recent poll nearly 70% of Americans who were questioned claim that they pray regularly. Unfortunately, only 32% feel that God answers their prayers.  The article got me thinking about a particular prayer that I said several years back.  Early one morning I specifically asked God to help me with a job related situation that had eroded to a point that something had to be done. I had attempted to deal with the issue several times without success. In fact, I was feeling nearly desperate with the circumstance. I vividly recall saying the prayer in the auditorium of our church while I watched three deer grazing at the edge of the woods.

Six hours later, out of the blue, my life fell apart in a seemingly unrelated development. When I say life fell apart that is an understatement. My life did a 180. I felt cheated, betrayed, alone, and nearly hopeless. A dark, deep and dangerous depression engulfed my being.  Thankfully, I sought professional help and after some time the depression lifted and my life began to once again take shape and make sense.

It wasn’t until I got my feet back on the ground months later that I remembered the prayer. Upon reflection, I was able to see how God gave me exactly what I requested of Him.  With that realization I got the biggest case of goose bumps that I’ve ever had. Through the very essence of my pain, I had experienced the enormous power God has to work for our good in the midst of something very bad.  A good and gracious God not only answered my prayer, but He gave me a greater life than I ever dreamed existed.  The only hitch was my narrow focus on myself almost caused me to miss the realization of His answer.  Perhaps that is why some of those folks think God never answers them.  I find that I see His answers with more clarity from a distance —- sometimes a very great distance.

Something to Think About

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  1. carolyn snider says:

    John, two instances in my life I have devoutly prayed for a sign from God that I was about to make the right decision. Quickly and with no question I have received an unequivocal answer. God answers prayer. And if it is an emergency request, He will send an unequivocal answer STAT. thanks CDS

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