Life is Good

downloadI recently wore out my favorite cap so I stopped by Jake’s House in Green Hills to get another one. That is the store that sells all the “Life is Good” stuff like caps, T-shirts, boxers,  backpacks, stickers and etc.  Considering the prices on Jake’s gear, I’m guessing that life is indeed very good for brothers Bert and John Jacobs who built “Life is Good” into an 80 million dollar company in just a few years. I think the chief reason that “Life is Good” has been so ultra-successful is because “LIG” is a message of hope. It is the same principle as the Christmas tree, sunrise and the first songbirds of springtime. Since the beginning of time, in one way or the other, every single person has been looking for hope. We may not realize it, but we are looking. That is my theory why folks shelled out 80 million bucks last year for pretty ordinary Chinese made apparel that simply says “Life is Good”.

A few hours ago I was inching alone on West End Avenue in rush hour traffic.  Have you ever noticed the expressions on drivers’ faces when they are trapped in traffic?  I mean check it out next time. Everybody seems to be wearing their funeral faces. It is kind of scary.

Traffic jams are the great American equalizer. It makes no difference if you are behind the wheel of a Mercedes or a KIA. When you are stuck in traffic you are stuck.  As I moaned and groaned to myself, I noticed a man in a motorized wheelchair crossing the street in front of me. The fellow had a huge smile on his face and a “Life is Good” sticker on the back of his chair. Here he was riding in a wheelchair beaming while the rest of us looked like we had just eaten a persimmon.  Suddenly bumper to bumper traffic didn’t seem all that bad and hope felt pretty good.

Oh, one last thought about “Life is Good”, I don’t recall ever seeing a jerk wearing a “Life is Good” cap.

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