Boo – Boos

1-pain-profile-1024As I was leaving the Y this morning, a precious little girl, about three, was walking in with her mom. I overheard her excitedly exclaim, “Mommy, my boo boo is gone”. Wow! What a great thing for anyone to be able to say! Little kids’ boo boos usually go away on their own.  Unfortunately, the older we get, our boo boos tend to morph from childhood cuts, scrapes and bruises into ones that are more serious. Often, unlike a skinned knee, they cannot be seen. They are the emotional boo boos.  Sadly, they can kill.

It happened again last week when a bright and gifted local high school junior, with an incredible smile and lots of friends took his own life. Of course the unanswerable question, and the one that gives his passing such a high degree of difficulty, is simply this: Why did a loving son, grandson, brother and friend, an extremely gifted and talented young man, who obviously had no shortage of friends, choose to take his life?  What could possibly be behind that? Why? I was not fortunate enough to know him. I learned of his death only by a prayer request from a member of our church. But the answer is because he had an emotional hurt that did not go away.

The bottom line is that in the midst of his pain, this young man came to the conclusion that his death was the best thing for everybody. Obviously, that was not true, but for some reason he could not see it.  The truth is each of us is capable of making that same decision.  Enough pain can blind anyone. It can! A bit less than ten years ago, hopelessness nearly blinded me.  I thank God that it did not because the years since have been the best years; yet, at the time things seemed hopeless. Depressed people struggle to see past the moment. Usually they can’t.

If you are in a lonely battle with thoughts of doing harm to yourself, do not struggle alone for one more second. You cannot and will not win alone.  Before you do anything else, tell someone what you are feeling.  I know that works because that is what I did. I was literally saved by others. Something else I think I know. If this young man could have imagined the string of heartbreak of those who love him, he would surely have made a different choice.  Please pray for this family and for all people struggling with depression.

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