Absent Dads

Absent-FathersLast Friday at the YMCA, I overheard a man, who appeared to be thirty something, make the following statement on his cell. “Oh, I can do it anytime because I don’t have kids. Well, I have two, but they live with my ex.”

Obviously, I have no idea what he was talking about doing, but I do know that his idea of not having kids and mine are eons apart. In fact, I believe that the attitude articulated by that father is by far the single greatest threat we face as a nation. It is certainly more serious than ISIS, where you can carry a gun, build a mosque, or any of the other hot button local or national issues of the day.

That man’s “I don’t have kids” mantra is the drive shaft of what is systemically wrong at the very heart and soul of our nation. Men (I use that term only in a physical sense) who bring children into the world and then live like they do not have any are the lowest forms of humanity. Ask any teacher in the public school system about the number of dads they have ever met. Eighty-three percent of the inmates incarcerated in the prison systems of our country had no in-home father figure growing up.

The other day we saw two of the cutest toddlers playing at McDonalds. They were clad in innocence. Both had bright eyes and ear to ear smiles, but no dad in their lives. Driving home, a pall of sadness fell over my being when it occurred to me that the chance of us someday seeing those children on “Cops” is probably greater than the chances of them graduating from high school.

That is a sin of the very worst kind! No child comes into the world bad. Yet, the deck is overwhelmingly stacked against a child when daddy says, “Oh, I can do anything because, I don’t have kids”. And realize I’m not just talking about children of the ghetto. This issue transcends race, creed, color or income level. This shameful attitude is manifested in men living in the “Hood” as well as in finely appointed mansions in the “Meade” and every place between. There are all sorts of ways to ignore your children other than being physically absent.

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