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7840_chelsea-home-jersey-2013-14-with-special-1-printing---xxxxl_03_lThere are a bunch of guys and gals at the “Y” who are training like crazy for the Music City Marathon. I know exactly what they are going through. Many years ago, at the peak of my running addiction, I decided to run a full marathon and to do whatever it took to succeed. I trained at 50-70 miles per week for months. Running before the sun came up and after it had gone down were common. I ran when it was hot and when it was very cold — every day come hail or high water. I looked like skin and bones. As nutty as it may sound to you, it made perfect sense to me.

The day of the race the weather was perfect, in the mid 50’s with a fine mist for the first ten miles or so. As I ran along, I never had any doubt that I would finish without puking, stopping or walking.  Those were all a part of my four-pronged goal. I didn’t puke, stop or walk, but I also did not finish in my personal goal of under four hours either.  However, crossing the finish line was still an experience that I’ll never forget.  It was pure joy, euphoria and satisfaction rolled into one. As exhausted as I was, I sure felt good about me. I felt invincible.  I recall that day in Huntsville with an enormous sense of personal pride and accomplishment. Like the time is was briefly in jail, I would not take anything for the experience.  I also, never had a desire to do it again.

So why did I do it?  Why did I go through all that to run 26.2 miles with a few thousand others? I did it for me; I did it to feel good about me. When it is all said and done, we all have an inherent soul need to feel good about ourselves, to be winners, to be special, to stand out.

 We all have different ways of trying to get our needs met – some better than others.   I expect that may have been the reason that when many of us were in college, we kept count so we could tell our buds how many Buds we had downed in a given time. Of course we always lied about it by adding a fudge factor.  We all have a God-given need to have folks think we are special.

Most all of us have stretched the truth a few times for that very reason. Whereas the beer drinking was more about fitting in; running 26.2 miles was more about standing out.  Either way, it is about feeling good about ourselves and that is a normal desire.  Another way to have that desire met is for someone to simply tell us we are special.

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