Protecting Your Rights

downloadRights, rights, rights and more rights, we all want to protect our rights. I want mine and I am sure you want yours. We lobby for them. We fight for them. A few die for them. Some folks want the right to carry a weapon anyplace they choose. Others want to ban guns completely. The Civil War was fought about rights — the right to own slaves and the right for people to be free. Lately the media has had a field day with a new Indiana law that seems to give some their rights to deny a service to folks based on religious beliefs. Of course the folks on the other side are screaming bloody murder because they feel that their rights are being taken away in the process. We all want our rights don’t we?

Andreas Lubitz’s certainly wanted his even though his right to fly a plane into a mountain denied 149 others theirs once and for all.  To demonstrate how selfish we have become here is one for you that might hit a bit closer to home.  At the Bellevue Y we have a very nice elevated track. Thirteen laps equals a mile.  Everybody is supposed to walk or run in the same direction. On MWF we go one way and on SSTT the other. Quite simple really. Friday there was a young lady going the wrong direction.  Frankly when I first saw her I thought, “What is that all about?”

Of course it was not long until someone pointed out to her that she was going the wrong way. I was not privy to the conversation. When the guy who had challenged her got around to me he was all to pieces because she was not obeying the rules. He said, “That is the problem with this younger generation; it is all about them”.  I recognized the guy as one of those who never wipes the equipment down after depositing a big puddle of sweat.  Life seems to be only about our particular rights.

Friday celebrates the day that Jesus willingly gave up all of his rights. His unselfishness makes the rest of us look really small.   It is not just “this younger generation”  we are all pretty much self- centered aren’t we?

Something to Think About

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