The Flip Side

flipside_avatar_youtubeI cannot count the number of times when bad things happened that I have asked God “Why?” That single word is our default lament in the midst of difficult times. Last week, on the very same day, two folks I know were involved in accidents that could have been very serious and possibly even fatal.  In both instances, a bad choice was made that directly led to the mishaps.

One involved a man, who did something extremely foolish. The other involved an innocent child on a school playground.  The kid did nothing wrong; however, a teacher, who was supposed to be watching, did. From what I’ve been told, this bad choice could have resulted in the death of the little boy. The teacher’s bad was simply to not pay attention to the kids for a minute or so.

The man’s was a more deliberate, thought out, dumb decision.  Fortunately, neither was seriously injured.  Both the teacher and the man knew better, but failed when the rubber hit the road. The man was injured in a mower accident, when he attempted to drive a lawn tractor up into the bed of a pickup. He clearly saw the warnings on the truck ramps that said NEVER ATTEMPT TO DRIVE UP THIS RAMP”.  At first all went well, but suddenly one of the ramps fell. The mower turned over and the Superman imposter rode it down holding on for dear life. Miraculously, other than a few cuts and bruises, the biggest to his ego, he is OK.

In both of these incidents, it is clear why they happened, so there is no need to ask that question. What is not so clear is why did God protect both?  Why us and not others in similar situations? That is the flip side of the “Why?” question and one that we tend to forget to ask, but perhaps we should.

Something to Think About

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  1. Enjoyed reading this, very good stuff, thankyou . “Golf isn’t a game, it’s a choice that one makes with one’s life.” by Charles Rosin.

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