Throwing Stones

three_throwing_stones01I was talking to a friend last week whom I had not seen in a long time. In the conversation he made the comment that things are not like they were when we were growing up. He said back then it seemed that we were all pretty much on the same page in the USA. At least when we disagreed it was an honorable disagreement rather that the vitriol and outright hate that many Americans seem to have for each other today. There is no doubt in my mind that we are now living in an “US v THEM” culture.   Perhaps it is because almost by default human beings tend to “need” a whipping boy in order to feel better about themselves. As an outgrowth of that kind of screwed up thinking we have come to a point where most of the church regularly accepts certain sinners as being part of US and puts others over in the THEM pot. The truth is that according to Jesus’ own teaching many of the folks, both in the pews and up on the platform on any given Sunday, are openly living a life that Jesus himself called adultery. With few exceptions that is fine with the church folks.

One of the biggest televangelists, John Hagee, who quite often preaches messages that seem to me to be of outright hate at homosexuals, liberals, Catholics and some others is himself openly living in adultery after leaving his wife and young children many years back to shack up with his church secretary. When caught he admitted his affair, resigned his job, divorced his wife and kids, married his adulteress, opened a new church which has in fact grown into a megachurch. His son conceived in adultery occupies a seat on the platform each Sunday, whereas his children from his first marriage are nowhere to be seen.  I find it interesting that the Old Testament calls for the same punishment for adultery as it did for a man “lying with a man”.  It is human nature to throw the stones at folks who are not like us. I find that very sad. Jesus had a word which itself is a very serious sin that he spent a lot of his very limited time on earth preaching against. Here is a suggestion grab your Bibles and see how many times he singles out “hypocrites” as the worse of the bunch.

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  1. Mart Jo says:

    So true. Hagee and many others. Hagee is one of the worst for throwing stones though. Thanks again John.

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