Ham and Eggs on a Wobbly Table

ham-and-eggA while back Cathy and I drove to Memphis to make a prison visit.  On the way down we stopped in Jackson, Tennessee at the Casey Jones Village for the buffet.  If you have never stopped there it is really a cool place especially if you are into trains. They serve country ham to die for. The restaurant has brick floors. Let me tell you something about brick floors. I love them! Our first house had brick floors in the kitchen. The problem with brick floors is most of the time, since part of their mystique is to look rustic and old, they are by design seldom smooth.

So here we were at Casey Jones’ chowing down on country ham and eggs and all the other stuff that goes with that kind of fare and our table was like a see – saw. Each time we touched it would go first one way and then the other.  Our coffee had whitecaps! We had to chase that ham all over our plates.  We got to laughing about it; so I folded a napkin and jammed it under one of the legs. I began to look around at the other tables and under nearly each one was a wadded up napkin or paper under one or another of the legs. Ham chasers who had come before us had stuffed them there. My paper wad pretty much fixed things until we were almost finished eating. At least no more coffee was spilled.

As we drove on toward Memphis I got to thinking about all those wobbly tables and how they are a great parable of life itself.  For one reason or another, often times our lives get a little wobbly.  Perhaps the cause was a not so wise choice we made, or maybe it was a choice someone else made, but either way our lives were adversely affected.  Things are now a little wobbly. About 99.9% percent of the time, figuratively the first thing we do is wad up a napkin so to speak and stick it under a leg or two. That metaphor for a quick fix will not stand the test of time. When our lives get uneven and out of kilter, quick fixes are mostly no fixes. I wonder how many of us right now are depending on quick fix instead of biting the bullet and taking the bull by the horns and saying, “Whatever it takes to really fix what is wrong in my life, I am going to do with God’s help”.

Maybe your wobble is a relationship issue. Maybe it’s a personal issue of the past or present. Maybe something happened to you and you have kept it a secret for many years and it is eating a hole in your soul.  Maybe it is something you did or said or that you should have done or said. Maybe for you your pride will not allow you to seek help. Whatever it is, a wobbly table only gets worse with time, never better. I expect the person that I visited in prison that day,  might have said the first time those steel doors slammed behind him “Gee, I sure wish I had done something about my wobbly table before it collapsed on me”.

Something to think about.

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