057199205_Super_Babies_xlargeLike the picture I am a bit weird and a study in contrasts. I much prefer chicken over beef but enjoy them both. I own two guns but think guns almost everywhere is a terrible idea. As far as I’m concerned, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush are both good men, but possibly the two worse presidents in my lifetime. I believe that global warming is a reality but I’m not sure about the cause or the solution. I believe that President Obama means well but is a highly ineffective leader. I believe that I can and should eat healthy  but sometimes I do not. I am a season ticket holder for the Titans, but have not been to a game in years. I agree with the verdicts in the Vandy Rape trial, but am heartbroken not only for the victim, but the rapists too. I do not like paying taxes but do not want to do away with them. I follow both Tennessee and Vanderbilt but sometimes I like it when Vandy loses.

I have always considered myself “Pro Life” but I’m not sure any longer what the term means. For me it means exactly what it says. “Pro-Life” is much more that than being anti-abortion, which I am 99% of the time. The way I see it “Pro-Life” means protecting life both inside the womb and outside. I believe that to figure out what “Pro-Life” means, all I have to do is look at the message of my Savior Jesus Christ. I think it is time for some of us with “Pro-Life” stickers on our cars to get a big, black Sharpie and insert the word “some” over the hyphen in the term. To deny health care to “the least of these” in our state is not Pro-Life any way political hacks try to spin it.  To me it seems a really weird thing to do. Pro-Life is not a bumper sticker; it is a lifestyle.  Most of the time I am happy; today I’m sad.

Something to Think About

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