Christmas Memories

I just drove by a Christmas tree lot on Highway 100. For some reason my mind flashed back to my childhood. I recalled our cedar Christmas trees with “bubble lights”. I remember just watching our tree for hours. I also remember my dad constantly worrying about the tree catching fire and burning the house down. He worried way too much about stuff like that.

My mom used to make the best fruit cake I have ever eaten and I’ve eaten a lot. I’m not sure why they were so good. I know she always put bourbon in them and then wrapped them in bourbon soaked cheesecloth for weeks until Christmas Eve. Each day until Christmas she would put another shot of Jim Beam on the soaking cloths.  I don’t like bourbon but I sure loved those cakes.  They were pampered. I think I love fruit cake from seeing my mom’s love and hard work as the main ingredients.

I remember going to midnight mass at the Catholic Cathedral on West End each year as a child.   One particular Christmas Eve service stands out. I must have been in about the fourth grade when Mr. Hoffman, the choirmaster, gave me a silver dollar not to sing. I’m serious. Now you know why I’m so screwed up!

Except for one Christmas several years back, all my Christmas memories are good. That one time I was consumed with feeling sorry for myself, which is always counterproductive. This year has been the best of our lives. No matter where you might be in your life, remember that you are not beyond God’s love, mercy and grace. Especially remember that nothing is impossible with God. He is still a miracle working Big G God.  Make this a special Christmas. Forgive somebody and find somebody to love. There are lots of folks who need both. Merry Christmas!


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