Handling Nerves

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles DodgersFew people in the South follow baseball much but the seventh game of a world series is something really special. Last night during the National Anthem as the camera focused on the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner I wondered how he would handle the incredible pressure he would surely face if called on to save the game. Obviously he handled it well with a performance for the ages.

Twenty plus years ago I delivered my first church message. When I’m really nervous I sweat —- a lot. That day torrents of sweat actually dripped off my glasses onto my outline. It is funny to think about it now but at the time it was humiliating. At the time I worked for a pastor who was an outstanding speaker and mentor. Later he told me that he never walks out to deliver a message that he is not nervous. I thought he was kidding, but he assured me that he was not. I now know from experience that he was not.

I learned a lot from that man.  One of the most important lessons was that it is OK to admit that you have butterflies. In other words, being outstanding in your field and a case of nerves are not mutually exclusive.










Thank God! In fact, my life experiences since that day seem to indicate that the people who learn how to deal with their nerves are the ones who also make the most impacts on their world.

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