mobile food_180867803-thumb-380xauto-3210I’m having lunch at Wendy’s. Across from me, there is a couple with a little boy about five; he is watching a movie on a device. Mom and dad are both playing with their smartphones.  Occasionally, one will show the other something on their screen and they will laugh and then go about their separate “smarting”. The entire time they have been over there, other than telling the little boy to stop kicking the table, they have ignored their son. He looks bored and left out as his parents continue to be enmeshed with their screens.

Honesty requires me to tell you that I have been guilty of the same thing. If you spot it you’ve got it, I guess. There is no question, that one of the greatest causes of social ills in this country is our lack of personal communication. Until recently, one of the few places folks actually talked to each other was when eating together. With the near universal preponderance of digital devices, that bastion is now gone.

According to Pew Research today 91% of adult Americans have cell phones; yet, we are perhaps more isolated than at any time in human history.

Something to Think About

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