Getting it Right

dog-balancing-on-ball-150x150Yesterday, I spoke at a parole board hearing on behalf of a young man I have known for fifteen years.  As I listened to him answer the parole officer’s questions, I wondered how he had morphed  from that cute,  five year old  wearing a Smurf shirt, running around the lobby of our church, into a twenty year old  wearing a prison uniform pleading for a second chance. The answer is I do not know for sure how that happened. The truth is it really does not matter.

A while ago at the “Y” I saw something amazing.  There was a young guy, maybe twenty, who was balanced on top of a 10” ball as he did bicep curls. I have been going to the gym for over fifty years and have never seen anything like that. It was a masterpiece of art. Yesterday, as I went through security at the hearing, I had to stand on one foot and hold the bottom of the other up so the security officer could make sure I was not carrying in contraband.  It was all I could do to maintain my balance and now I was watching a kid standing on a ball while lifting weights. For a split second I thought maybe I could do that.

When I got to my car I caught the tail end of an interview with Coach Derek Mason who laid an egg in his opening game as Vanderbilt’s head football coach. The inmate, the “ball boy” and the Coach share a common bond. They have all failed. I intuitively know that the guy fell off that ball countless times before succeeding.  Each time he hopped up and repeated the process until he got it right.  The inmate will regain his freedom. Coach Mason will lead his team again Saturday. All of us will be given ample opportunities to get it right.  But nobody will ever get it right unless we do some things differently. Will you?

 Something to think about

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