The Brass Button

jpgAs I entered the elevator last Friday wearing my orange shirt with the embroidered white “Power T”, a gentleman asked me if I was a Tennessee fan. He then volunteered that he had attended Vanderbilt, but that his great, great, great, great… grandfather in 1794 was one of the original founders of the University of Tennessee.

As were making our ascent he went on to tell me that several years ago they exhumed granddaddy’s grave in order to honor him with a move to a more prominent and prestigious location. Unfortunately, all that was left of great, great, great, great….granddaddy, a founder of the University of Tennessee, was a brass trouser button— just a brass button. That was it! About that time the elevator door opened and the story ended.

It is funny how some things stick in my mind. I’ve thought quite a bit about that brass button. I’m not sure who granddaddy was, but he obviously was a prominent man of the era — probably a mover and shaker. I assume he was a member of the 1794 Territorial Legislature as he was one of the founding fathers of the University. More than likely he was successful, wealthy and a gentleman of great influence. Yet, life on earth is a fleeting one. No matter whom we are or what we accomplish, the material facet of our existence is summed up by that one brass trouser button. Granddaddy is gone; he didn’t take the brass button with him. Perhaps that is why Jesus said we best be storing up treasures that will last us an eternity.

 Something to think about

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