Upward Mobility

stair_Picture-55I had lunch with one of my preacher buddies and we were discussing the sad story of a pastor currently in the news and observing that it seems pastors, more often than not, seem to step up to bigger things. Like God usually calls a pastor from a smaller church to a larger one with a bigger expense account, bigger house and more money.  That just seems to be the way it shakes out. I guess that is upward mobility — just the opposite of the “Jesus” model. When is the last time you heard of a pastor being “called” to a lesser church?

Jesus’ whole life was just the converse of upward mobility. Rather than come “down here” and cover himself with diamonds, gold,  custom made $5000 suits for preaching, He willing said “yes” to a plan that caused Him to give up everything.  He signed onto a strategy that required him to trade ecstasy for agony. He unselfishly accepted a role that would require being misunderstood, abused, lied about, cursed, betrayed and murdered. And after all of that, He never struck back or even badmouthed his attackers. No, unlike pretty much the rest of humanity, He simply loved those who were in the process of doing Him in.  I find that utterly amazing!

It seems to me, that Jesus’ model might be a better one to follow than that of preachers who fleece the flock for multi-million dollar compensation packages, luxury cars, five- star hotels and private jets planes.

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